Hello, World of Coloreal!

Why us? The reason that drives the team at Coloreal is first and foremost our dedication to serve our local and international community. We are here to help you, your company, dream, or non-profit organization to achieve more and be more (while looking good in the process).


As a team, we stay relevant with current technology, design, and photography trends. We want to make sure we are using the most efficient and must up to date technology and frameworks so that not only we can deliver our projects on time, but be sure that your personal and corporate information is safe and guarded from hackers.

At Coloreal you're at the center of every decision that we make as a team. Our concern for your personal brand and digital presence is our main priority. Aesthetics, beauty, and elegance combine with technology are our hallmark as a company and we take pride in that.

Our greatest joy is to be part of your success, it can be in your wedding day, on celebrating the launch of your e-commerce site, or simply celebrating with you on your birthday and making you look good in the process.

In programming there is a tradition where a newbie developer prints to the Console "Hello, World!", and since this is our first blog post we would like to print to the internet "Hello, World of Coloreal!".

P.S.: Our team and I will be producing a series of different blog series on: Photography, Programming, and Design in order to educate you and be able to help you grow as a professional. We just don't want to offer our services in these areas, but we also want to share our knowledge and be of help to you and to your team. I look foward to interacting with you here in this page or social media.

Jose Garcia

Co-founder of coloreal, Software Developer, and Graduate from Florida International University.

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